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        Good news delivering from WIN successfully fulfilled the #2 boiler treatment project of S?n ??ng TPP in Vietnam


        The #2 boiler treatment project of S?n ??ng TPP which signed by between Win and Vinacomin Power have been successfully accepted in Dec, 2014.

        Vinacomin Power as the owner of S?n ??ng 2×100MW TPP with 410t CFB boiler. Since put into operation, there existed series of problems, such as forced to stop that caused by frequent pipe burst owing to boiler heating- surface getting thinner, boiler combustion inefficiency , high consumption of coal in power generation, high rate of service power consumption etc., accordingly we formulated proposals on transformation of ventilation plate, height adjustment of lower secondary air outlet, reconstruction of heat storage layer, optimally adjustment of operating parameters through scientific feasibility studies. after 20 days implementation, as a result of secondary adjustment of operating parameters which led by organized senior experts that have been successfully accepted by Vinacomin Power as well as performance index have reached to the best international advanced standards of similar units.

        Win succeeded to fulfill the #2 boiler treatment project of S?n ??ng TPP that providing powerful support for further development of Vietnamese market.