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        Contact us: info@shanxiwin.com

        WIN Introduction

        WIN Brief

        Being a leading engineering manufacturer in power sector, WIN dedicates in engineering design, equipment procurement, accessories manufacture, technology consultancy and EPC strategic

        consultancy covering tendering, project management & construction and technology consultancy, WIN always works as a bridge to come up with the best solution which could satisfy the expectations of every party based on our rich experience of the projects. In addition, WIN produces mechanical equipments for Mineral, Metallurgy, and Coal industry as well.

        WIN valued talents as the most important asset to the company. Through the cooperation with Universities, Research Centers and famous Enterprises, WIN has developed several advanced technologies and new products in power sector. 

        With the strategic cooperation with Chinese state-owned companies and research institute, WIN has built variety of long-term consortium and strategic partners for different projects in oversea power market.

        WIN office located both in Beijing, Taiyuan, Hanoi.

        We continue to deliver high quality products and services in new and existing power plants around the world. Our accomplished projects extend throughout South-East Asia, India, Pakistan and so on.

        Established in 1997, Shanxi Win Industry Co., Ltd is located in Taiyuan, the capital city of Shanxi Province, which is well known as one of the birthplaces of business civilization in China.