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        CPECC-RINN Strategic Partner

        Strategic partner with CPECC:

        Develop Vietnam and South East Asia market to keep a sustainable development targeting at Project Investment, Consultancy, Engineering and EPC services;

        CPECC Brief:

        CPECC is the largest state-owned corporation for power system planning, engineering consultation and EPC projects in China, providing engineering for up to 50% of the power generation, T&D projects in China and 200 overseas projects in 30+ countries.

        CPECC manages six regional power design institutes: (NEPDI, ECEPDI, CSEPDI, NWEPDI, SWEPDI and NCPE)

        CPECC Capability:

        Leading position on the electric power survey & design

        Nuclear power plant conventional island

        1,000MW ultra-supercritical units

        Air-cooled power plants

        Ultra-high voltage AC & DC power delivery